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"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

- Desmond Tutu

The Horneman Family...hopefully these kids think I am half as cool as I think their parents are. My Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Robert are some of the coolest people I have ever met, and I get to call them family! Growing up, Bonnie was ALWAYS the 'cool aunt.' She was young and hip and took me along on all kinds of fun adventures (including the Nutcracker Ballet!!!). When they had their first child, Raven, I dreamed of having that same kind of friendship with her, as I had with Bonnie! 

Over the last years, I've gotten to watch Raven and Wyatt grow into such FUN kids and document much of their growing up! They definitely got some fun genes from Bonnie & Robert! I have been honored to take their family pictures throughout their lives, and this trip to the studio was no different. Enjoy the gorgeous smiles and wonderful sibling love with these guys!

Jessica Marie

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