I joined a studio!

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So as I was transitioning from my job at NewSpring to doing photography, one of my former volunteers helped connected me to her friend who owned a studio in the Columbia area who looking for a family and wedding photographer. I have never done tons of studio work, even in college, so I honestly just want not sure if that was something I would ever want to be part of.

Over the next few weeks I got to visit Studio 3P and learn all about this cooperative studio space. Have you ever heard of a cooperative studio? The idea blew my mind! Basically, we the Associates, are full-time members of a studio. In exchange for our monthly fees, we get regular studio time, referrals from each other and the studio, as well as creative support!

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The Studio 3P, I get to be an Associate Photographer. Through this, I am able to reach many more clients in the local Columbia area. By having access to the studio space, I am able to better serve you, my clients, by offering further diversity in my work.

I am one of four associate photographers! We each have a specialty so are able to boost each other in our value as a whole. 

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My specialities are wedding and family photography. If you are in need of anything along those lines, or know someone who is, send them my way! 

You can learn more about our studio, rental information, the Associate Photographers, or how we do business at www.studio-3p.com

Jessica Marie

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